Does dropping the bleo really help with side effects?

Does dropping the bleo really help with side effects?


Difference for me was night and day, but I don't think that's very common.


Mine was too!


Many people here have said that omitting Bleomycin was night and day (a lot better without it!) However I didnt feel much different. Either way many of us would be glad to not have it.


I didn’t notice any difference but I heard a lottt of people notice one


I didn’t notice the first treatment after but for me yes! I find recovery takes a day or two less and my side effects are not as harsh.


Yes dropping it helps.


I did not notice any difference personally


It stopped my skin from scarring, but I generally felt just as rubbish on AVD as I was with ABVD.


Following bc we are dropping mine one Tuesday!


Good luck! If my scan looks good on Monday, I will be dropping it on Friday.


Good luck!! Yay no more red devil!!! I really hope I'm one of the ppls who's side effects lessen. It takes a whole week for me to recover. But I have stupid constant bone or nerve pain.


I felt a little better with recovery after dropping it (and sessions were a little shorter) but chemo is overall cumulative so you’ll eventually feel worse regardless, but likely less worse than if you had kept it. The reason we drop it isn’t to feel better though, it’s to reduce long term lung damage and other side effects. Some treatment centers are skipping it altogether now for that very reason.


I’m not convinced that chemo is cumulative. My first was the worst and it’s gotten a little easier each time. I’m incredibly thankful for that.


That's awesome, I hope that trend sustains! For me all the chemo and immunotherapy I've had has been cumulative (ABVD, ICE, BEAM, BV) and that's by and large the case for most folks. Glad to hear some of us get a break lol. We freaking deserve it.


Hopefully I didn't jinx myself! Ha!


Agreed! I think in part I just got better at managing my symptoms/side effects but honestly the first few rounds were significantly harder on me than the last few. I was up and moving less than 48hrs after AVD where as in the beginning with ABVD it would take me 4-5 days to feel normal again.