Token Action HUD not working for inventory/spells?

Token Action HUD not working for inventory/spells?


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Make sure to list your system and any module versions. Personally no issues with dnd5e on 0.7.10, and it appears to be updated for 0.8.6. Have you tried disabling all other modules to see if you can reproduce the effect?


Apologies, dnd5e and the second part is.. complex, and most likely where the problem lies. I upgraded to 0.8 (after backing up my data), didn't like it, reverted back to 0.7.10, and re integrated the backup. I would have thought my backup would revert the mod back to the proper version, yet the problem persists...


Nvm I fixed it by manually installing on older version.


Where did you find an older version? I’m having the same issue Nevermind I found it. For anyone who wants to know: Go to the modules GitHub page and click on issues. There’s an entry “still doesn’t work with 7.10” . In the comments is a link to the older release.


I had this issue a few days ago the developer pushed out an update and fixed it for me